The Clients

It’s hard to say if there’s a specific client that best fits the Aligned approach. Each one varies from the next. But they all have one thing in common: Level-10 confidence that their finances are in perfect order.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Many of our clients want to invest in business and alternative investments that they own—and not in the market. With a Fee Only model, we never push you toward unnecessary asset liquidation. And our process closely monitors the growth of your assets and plans for every possible outcome.

$3 Million Investable Assets

Most clients in this territory are already paying more than $30,000/year in fees—without getting the level of service that Aligned provides to its clients. A simple Truth in Fees analysis can uncover what you’re actually paying and how it relates to the true value of the services you receive.


You know that every senior-level executive wants one thing: More time. As Aligned Advisors manages every aspect of your financial house, you find more time in every day, week and year—freeing you to do the things you love and build the relationships you cherish.


You spend all your time taking care of your clients, your patients, your partners. What about you? You deserve that same level of comfort and confidence—and Aligned can provide the value and expertise to help you find precious time for yourself and whatever you love most.