Unconventional Strategies to achieve Uncommon Wealth

Align your: Relationships, Family, Goals, Friendships, Legacy

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Welcome to Aligned Advisors

We all need assurance that our needs will be met for years down the road. Here at Aligned Advisors, we use our values to offer unique approaches to help you attain financial security.

What are they saying…

The Tibbitts
“It’s comforting now versus daunting. I know that if something slips through the cracks somebody else has our back and is double checking.”
Dr. Jebreil
“Jonathon Moffat really made the transition very easy and very comfortable.”
The Marshalls
“Anyone who is interested looking to retire would be very comfortable working with Jon.”
The Adishians
“He was able to put the right people in place and it just went really smoothly and successfully.”

Align Your Life!

You are no longer on your own to figure out how to achieve your goals. Stop wondering whether or not you will achieve your goals and live your ideal life. Call today, so we can help you align your life! #ideallifing

Uncommon Strategies

We can offer you more than a standard approach for mediocre results. We will think outside the box to help you accumulate uncommon wealth that helps you accomplish the goals that best serve your family, relationships, and legacy.

Focused Implementation

Your advisors should collaborate with each other to ensure that your plan produces the right results. From planning to follow-through, we align the efforts of your team with your vision for your future in order to achieve your goals.


Plans are a necessary first step towards financial security, but every successful plan involves dedicated work in order to achieve the desired goal. We make sure that every member of your team is working towards that goal.

Our Staff Is Your Team

We carefully select our staff here at Aligned Advisors. Everyone at our office is ready to become a member of YOUR team. We know that we are not successful unless you are, so we are ready to listen to your goals and help you achieve them.

Aligned With Your Values

We structure financial strategies around the goals that are closest to your heart. When you choose Aligned Advisors as your very own team, you can be confident that our efforts are geared toward what is most important to you.

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