Focused Implementation

Most of the doctors I speak to want the same thing; they want to create passive income outside of their practices. The challenge many doctors face is that they are working with advisors who are all using the same techniques, and they are working independently of one another.

Common Failures

Why are most clients disappointed with the results of their financial plans? There is a set of failures that we typically identify when we meet with new clients.

Disjointed Plans

No one plans to fail, but so many advisors fail to plan properly. Their strategies are often disjointed, taking only one or two aspects of a client’s financial future into consideration.

We offer comprehensive planning that considers all aspects of your future. Our plans are put together by a team of subject matter experts who offer invaluable insight into how to plan for your future.

Every aspect of your financial plan is aligned carefully. We listen to you and figure out how we can each contribute a strategy that helps us meet your goals for your future!

Communication Breakdowns

Clients are often working with a set of advisors who do not collaborate or even talk to one another. This leads to multiple problems when it comes to implementing your financial plans.

We focus on aligning your goals and strategies, but we bring that concept into practice when it comes to our daily work, too. The experts and advisors that make up your team talk to one another and figure out ways to dovetail their work, ensuring that your plan is carried out effectively.

This policy of collaboration helps us avoid duplicate efforts and other inconveniences that stem from advisors working independently of one another. As we collaborate, you know that all of your team members are working with your specific goals in mind.

No Follow-Through

All too often, the implementation of the plan is left up to the client— with no one following up with them to make sure the recommendations are being completed. You can have the best advice, but if it doesn’t get implemented, you will never get the results you are looking for.

Here at Aligned Advisors, we are with you every step of the way. We place a high value on accountability because we know that success requires dedicated work. We will follow up with each member of your team as your plan progresses to ensure that your plan is fully implemented.

More importantly, we want to ensure that your plan is producing the results you need in order to meet your goals. We will take the time to evaluate whether your plan is producing adequate results. If not, we can discuss changes that will help you meet your goals.

Aligned Advisors Help You Implement Each Step

A good team makes all the difference when it comes to achieving your financial goals. From collaborating on cohesive plans to following through on upcoming steps, we work to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Aligned Advisors, and experience the difference that our focused, collaborative approach makes in implementing your financial plans.