What do you do?

Aligned Advisors helps clients simplify and enhance their lives by coordinating ALL of the complexities of their financial house. As a trusted advisor, we deliver concise plans, strategies and implementations with the confidence and experience of a team of Subject Matter Experts. In short, we help our clients answer three questions:

  • Are my financial goals aligned with my values?
  • Are my finances in perfect order—and will they stay that way?
  • How confident do I feel—at this very moment—in my plan?

By answering these questions—and by sticking to our results-driven process—we help our clients reach their goals and give them more time to enjoy the things they love.

How do you deliver on what you promise to your clients?

Our clients benefit from a collaborative team approach that relies on Subject Matter Experts (who collaborate in the areas of Tax, Legal, Money Management, Insurance and Financial Planning) to craft and implement a written step-by-step action plan. That strategy is based on your personalized and unique goals and values.

Our process creates predictable results and demands accountability from all members of the team—including the client (you). Within the first hour of our relationship, we’ll focus on your values and what’s really important to you. We’ll benchmark your current reality, then bridge the gap between today and where you’d like to be. The first step is a Financial Road Map® (FRM) and then we work to build and implement a step-by-step action plan to get you the results you deserve in the shortest possible time.

How do you charge

We’re a fee-for-service firm. Our clients pay a fixed flat fee for a comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy, for accountability services or for a second opinion on their current plan and advisors. All fees are disclosed and agreed upon before we start any relationship. This way you will always know exactly how much you are paying.

Because of our flat fee-for-service model, each advisor on our team provides objective, unbiased advice. We are not compensated for selling products and we do not accept referral fees. Our compensation structure is designed to align our interests with yours and build a long-term relationship. There are no hidden costs and our performance is judged solely on our ability to keep you on track towards reaching your goals.

What exactly do your clients get for what they pay you?

You receive fully comprehensive lifetime accountability coaching, which includes the following:

  • 10 comprehensive client deliverables, involving 143 annual checkpoints.
  • Three progress meetings per year. Forever.
  • A handpicked team of best-in-class Subject Matter Experts in the areas of Tax, Legal, Money Management, Insurance and Financial Planning.
  • A written comprehensive step-by-step action plan.
  • Individual (client, team, SME) accountability to oversee the implementation of your Financial Road Map® (FRM).

Why should I work with you over other advisors?

While most other advisors structure every conversation and piece of advice around the latest product, Aligned starts with your values, goals, wants and desires.

Because of that monumental difference, most of our clients initially engage Aligned to provide a second opinion—or to assess their progress in meeting financial goals.

Once you’ve engaged Aligned as your Trusted Advisor, you receive a comprehensive, integrated Greatest Probability of Success action plan that covers all financial disciplines (Tax, Legal, Money Management, Insurance and Financial Planning), overseen and implemented by our best-in-class Subject Matter Experts.

To actualize your Financial Road Map® (FRM), we follow a process that creates predictable results and individual accountability. The result is the confidence that your financial house is in order and that it will stay that way forever—giving you the time to enjoy the things you love most. More time. More living.

What is the process to become a client?

Schedule a one-hour complimentary Financial Road Map® (FRM) meeting. This meeting can take place in our office or over the phone. During this meeting, we’ll help you find clarity about your most important goals and your deepest values. We’ll also establish whether or not Aligned is a good fit for you and your needs. If we both agree that Aligned is the right partner… Great. If not… our process will still be valuable no matter who you choose as your advisor.

If we move forward,

  • Our team spends two weeks creating the first draft of your comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy.
  • We schedule a meeting to begin implementing the most immediate elements of this strategy (as determined by our team of Subject Matter Experts).
  • We meet every four months to continue planning, review progress, celebrate success and implement next steps.

The first three meetings are outlined as follows:

  • A Comprehensive Safety Review™—We review all the risks of your plan, allowing us to design and execute actions that will ensure the greatest probability of success.
  • The Goal Progress Outlook™—We update strategies and tactics for every goal that requires money and planning to achieve. We review and update your estate plan. And we complete full due diligence to ensure that all of your financial assets are safe and secure.
  • The Financial Road Map Update (Annual Review)—The entire deliverables team meets to update your lifetime capital projections and your lifetime written financial plan.

Do I have to use your team or can I keep my same people?

Unlike other models employed by other firms, the Aligned Advisors model allows our clients to leave their current advisors in place (if desired) while our team of Subject Matter Experts acts as an oversight team. Working together as one team, we ensure that all 143 deliverable checkpoints are met while you have every opportunity to choose the best advisor for every aspect of your strategy.

Our teams have been carefully selected over many years and we have negotiated flat fees with all of our Subject Matter Experts. There are no commissions, no kick-backs and no hidden fees. And this means that you can have full confidence that the advice you receive is unbiased, objective and 100% tailored to your best interests.