Why Aligned?

Our Services
At Aligned we feel it is our obligation to make sure our clients financial lives are in perfect order allowing our clients to spend their valuable time on activities that enhance their quality of life. To learn more about our Services (click here)
How we are different
Naturally one of the first questions people have for us is “how is Aligned different than my current advisors?” So, we have put together a simple graph that illustrates some of the ways that we are different. (click here) 
The Aligned P.A.C.T.
At Aligned we have made a P.A.C.T. with our clients. Read about this P.A.C.T. Here…
Our Team
One of the biggest problems we see when we meet with new clients is that their advisors do not talk to one another and the advice they are receiving is not Aligned with what the client really wants. At Aligned we work side by side with the client to make sure that their desires are being clearly communicated to all fo the team members and that everyone is working together for the client. See our Team approach Here…


It’s a simple point of view. And we’re serious about it. For too long, two primary issues have been swept under the rug in the financial services industry.

First, most investors pay too many fees for too little service. For example, if you have $5 million invested with a broker, you could be paying close to $50,000/year for a single service. What value are you getting? Do you understand what you’re paying for? Are you paying too much for too little?

Second, there’s little to no coordination between your current team of advisors and the advice they give you. While one advisor moves left, another moves right—often leaving you short of your goals and feeling frustrated with a lack of progress. There are those who claim to oversee the recommendations, products, tax and legal advice you receive. However, our experience is that very few (if any) have a process to actually oversee all of these areas.

Aligned Advisors believes in a process and structure that is both transparent and efficient. We don’t believe in the traditional relationship between client and advisor and we won’t keep doing things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done. The old model is broken. And, as your trusted advisor, we will work with a team of expert advisors to collaborate on comprehensive strategies that can be promptly and properly implemented.

We gladly provide a complimentary Truth In Fees analysis to disclose ALL of the fees you are currently paying. click here