The Aligned Advisors P.A.C.T. has four components: Protection, Attention, Coordination and Transparency.


You demand and deserve the assurance that your money and your personal financial strategy are protected from outside threats. Our innovative protection process allows us to:

  • Proactively identify issues and plan around them.

  • Utilize key performance indicators to measure the efficacy of everyone on your team. We manage the team and assess performance so you don’t have to.

  • Dedicate 13 of our strategic deliverables to investigating any potential fraud or inconsistencies with your assets and advisors.


It is our responsibility to:

  • Know every detail of your financial affairs and strategies. It’s our job to cross every “t” and dot every “i”.

  • Be proactive. We plan events, set goals and anticipate threats years in advance, giving us plenty of time to make any and all necessary adjustments.

  • Monitor every important issue related to your finances.

  • Provide regular, timely and meaningful progress reports so you can enjoy a worry-free life.


Too often, multiple services mean multiple points of contact, multiple phone calls, multiple meetings and multiple headaches… Not with Aligned. As your trusted advisor, we’re your single point of contact – functioning as a dedicated team to address all of your needs and provide you with a clear picture of your complete financial house.

With services in all key areas of wealth management, Aligned simplifies your life by:

  • Coordinating all of your financial affairs (strategy, tactics, assets, advisors, institutions, everything).

  • Driving an effective process to ensure that everyone on your team is collaborating and coordinating to deliver personalized advice.

  • Maintaining accountability with your team of advisors to make sure we achieve each of your goals.


We believe in a culture of full disclosure. No hidden fees. No grey areas. No twisted truths. As an Aligned client, you’ll experience true transparency and openness and you’ll rest easy knowing we aren’t driven by ulterior motives or back-door commissions. Our process ensures the following:

  • You’ll know exactly how much (and who) has been paid on every asset.

  • You’ll know the compensation of every member of the team.

  • You’ll know that all ulterior motives have been removed – because our team members are paid a pre-negotiated flat fee for their advice and for the implementation of all 143 checkpoints and deliverables.

  • You’ll know if there are any conflicts of interest and how we’ve removed them.